Welcome to the official site of the Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists at UCLA. Come join us at our General Meetings and learn more about what we do below!

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General Meetings

Franz Hall 1260
Thursdays of Odd Weeks
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


What We Do

SOLES organizes events and programs for its membership and for the community according to the Five SHPE Pillars:


Come interact with STEM Professors at our Professor Networking Barbeque, reinvigorate your passion for your field and explore current technology at our Industry Tours, get ahead in the classroom with our Bank of Knowledge (available at uclatri.org), and come hang out and learn with the rest of the members at our Study Nights.

Community Outreach

Be a part of a K-12 student’s journey into a STEM field at Engineers in Training Day this fall, bring STEM to the community at our Noche de Ciencias, explore the Natural Science Center with youth at Day of Science, get a free ride to visit local K-12 students in the classroom any day at Weekly Tutoring, explore research labs and show the youth what it means to be STEM student at UCLA at one of our Shadow Days, and draw in some prospective freshmen at the end of the year at Freshmen Weekend.

Chapter Development

Join the SOLES familia! Bridge the gap between new and continuing students as a part of SOLES Mentorship, engage in some bonding and friendly competition at Gender Night, fight for the W on our IM Sports Teams, create lasting memories at one of our SOLES Socials including our football tailgates.

Leadership Development

Looking for leadership opportunities? Join the Shadow Board to play a larger role as we work together to empower the Hispanic community, attend the SHPE Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC) to learn leadership skills and network with other SHPE Chapters, and develop yourself as an executive officer at the SHPE National Institute for Leadership Advancement.

Professional Development

Wondering how to polish your resume? Want to take your elevator pitch to the next level? Learn valuable professional skills from leaders in industry at our Professional Skills Workshops, find out how to apply to and acquire internships at the Internship Application Night, and get professional exposure at the SHPE National Conference.